Privacy Policy

Thank you for checking (we or us), a website designed to help you setup a company in Romania. We value your privacy and data. Check out our privacy policy to know more about how we collect data and how this data is used.

You can make a decision about how you use this website based on the information here. The Privacy Policy applies to all other services including mobile site.

I. Information Collected

We (and partners) may request you to share information including your name, email address, opinions through comments and polls, etc., through forms and other such means on the website. You may also share details of other people including their name and email to share our content with them. This direct information is provided by the user (you) to us. Other than this, we and our partners including advertisers and agencies that we work with may automatically collect some information from you. This includes details about your computer, geographical location, internet, etc. This information is often collected in the form of cookies.

Moreover, we may also collect geographical location through the GPS facility to customize our service. You may have the option to close GPS settings to remove access to such data.

You may have the option to engage with our platform using your social media accounts, etc. This may give us access to certain information found in your social media profile including your photos, gender, etc. Please check respective social media policies to know how they handle your data.

We may also receive information including the content you view or have viewed in recent time to help us customize our service.

II. Information Used

We and our partners may use this Information to:

1. Get in touch with you to help you know about your account and our services.
2. To communicate with you via newsletters, notifications, etc.
3. To respond to your questions and requests.
4. Communicate with you regarding updates on our website, etc.
5. Enforce this privacy policy and other legal terms that govern your use of our website and services.
6. Provide support.
7. Prevent illegal or fraudulent activities.
8. Protect your safety.
9. Show personalized ads and offers based on the data collected.
10. Study how you use our services.

We may also use this information to send offers including exclusive content. We may also use your social media information to get in touch with you and to enable you to share our information with others through your profile. The information that you share on your profile may be visible to the public.

We (and partners) may use technologies such as cookies to identify you and use this information to improve our services. We may get information from third parties to add more to the information collected about a user.

Moreover, we may share information that you share with us willingly, such as a post or an email with or without your identification.

III. Information Shared

We may disclose the collected Information in this manner:

1. To partners or service providers including (a) support team (b) researchers (c) payment providers (d) content department (e) marketing department (f) hosts (g) administrators (h) advertisers, etc.
2. When requested by law enforcement agencies.
3. Share it in case we merge or acquire another website or brand.
4. Share the information with affiliates and third party providers to improve services and products.

You can opt out of sharing such information by getting in touch with us.
Note: We have no control over how third-party sites collect your information due to social media integrations, games, etc.

IV. Ad-Targeting and Cookies

We use a variety of technology including cookies to provide the best services and ads. We also work with third-party agents to provide you personalized ads by using the information to analyze your online behavior.

1. Cookies: These are text files found in your device’s browser. This information can help us understand your interests and offer you a personalized experience. Cookies contain no information to identify you personally but may help us personalize our services, such as greet you with a name when you come back to us. We (or partners) may also place a unique cookie on your device’s browser to improve our services. We may also use this information to understand the performance of the ads.

2. Syncing Identifiers and Cookies We (and partners) may synchronize unique and anonymous identifiers to enhance data points to serve relevant ads and optimize the experience.

We may also use some other technologies such as LSOs, web beacons, SDKs, and mobile device identifiers for similar purposes. You have the option to disable cookies if you do not want to share such information with us.

By using our services, as a guest or registered users, you agree and give us (and partners) your consent to track your activities.

V. Ad Choices

Ads are targeted according to your interest and taste based on your online behavior. Check your device’s settings to know how to refresh the stored information.

VI. Other Information

1. Our services may contain links to other pages and third-party sites that may collect information from you. Check out their policies to know more.

2. We may advertise products found directly on our site or third-party sites including physical and traditional stores. You may have to provide personal details to buy products directly from our store or third-party sites. We take steps to safeguard such details. Check third-party sites for their privacy policy.

3. The platform is operated according to US law. operates globally. By using our services you acknowledge that relevant laws of your country may not be same as in the US and you give us your consent to collect, process, and transfer your information as highlighted in this Policy.

4. Security: We take steps to keep your data safe and secure. However, we cannot assure that the information collected will never be altered, destroyed, or shared.

5. Accessing or Correcting Information: You may have the option to access some of the information we have collected from you. Plus, you may be able to make some changes to this information, such as your profile including your name and photos.

6. Opting Out and Contacting Us: You can contact us directly to opt out of emails and other marketing campaigns. Moreover, you may also have the option to unsubscribe to newsletters, etc.,

7. California Residents: California’s “Shine the Light” law, Civil Code section 1798.83 gives users the right to inquire certain businesses about business’ practices related to how the information is disclosed. The customer may have the option to opt out of such sharing and the business must provide such a policy.

8. Updates: This policy may be updated from time to time. By using this site you agree with this policy.

Your Rights Under GDPR

These are your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in regards to data collection:

1. The right to be informed and ask for information regarding the process of data collection.
2. The right to demand access your personal data.
3. The right to request changes to your personal data.
4. The right to request removal of your personal data.
5. The right to restrict the processing of your personal data.
6. The right to get access to data to use it for your own purpose.
7. You can object to the collection or processing of data if:

  • Processing was based on task performance or legitimate interests
  • Direct marketing (includes profiling)
  • Processing for research.
  • In reference to profiling and automated decision making

Get in touch with us if you have questions regarding our privacy policy.