About us

Who we are?

Ziberline Consulting S.R.L. is an accounting company which offers accounting expertise and other related services within the financial-accounting and fiscal area, It is a member of the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania. The representatives of the company are fiscal consultants, accredited by the Chamber of Tax Consultants in Romania, as well as insolvency practitioners, accredited by the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners of Romania.

The key element we always keep in mind is continuous improvement. No one is born with the necessary knowledge and skills from the very beginning, and that is why we are not ashamed to admit that we are learning constantly. Some of our employees are also certified as „Internal Control Specialists” by the US Institute of Internal Control (ICI). We also have employees in the company who have obtained several degrees in accounting, finance and financial management, from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and some of us are also ACCA students.

We have extensive experience in the financial-accounting, Internal Control, Fiscal and in the legal field, but also in the management area, as we have been involved for many years in various projects we are proud of and which made it possible for us to strenghten the necessary knowledge and skills.

At the moment we have among our clients Romanian companies with Romanian shareholders but also foreign ones, smaller, medium and large companies, one of the client companies recently received the diploma of „The largest company in Cluj County” diploma certified by the List of Companies , a brand of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Also, our company Ziberline Consulting recently received, from the same institution, the diploma of „1st Place Top Romanian Business” for accounting firms in the locality where it operates.

Our tax advisors also have competences in setting up companies with local or foreign shareholders, they are competent in concluding legal documents in the field of business both domestic and international.

Our mission is to provide the best services to our customers . For us quality is not disputable.

Ziberline Consulting SRL has a good understanding of the current practice of state authorities regarding the establishment of companies in Romania, but at the same has a good understanding of the practices of Romanian tax authorities, gained from experience obtined over time on: setting up companies in Romania, accounting and tax assistance in Romania, opening bank accounts for foreign citizens, but also Assistance Services provided in order to obtain the NIF for non-resident partners. We use this experience for the benefit of our clients to provide specialized assistance in managing the entire registration process of a company, namely from booking a new company name, to its fiscal registration in Romania, but also the fiscal regitration of the founders of these companies.